Shutter Hutch


Our Unique Photo Booths

True Vintage Beauties, The Edison and The Meteor photo booth models are an elegant and fun addition to any event décor.
Our fabulous custom built photo booth, The Serendipity, offers a more classically romantic touch to the ambience of your event.
From the black tie affair to the rustic charm of a barn wedding we have a photo booth for that!

                    The Edison                      

The top portion of The Edison is a 100 year old Thomas Edison Phonograph Cabinet we have repurposed into a modern photo booth! It's sleek, straight lines are elegant with an almost modern feel. The craftsmanship is evident in the original carvings and warm Mahogany wood. The Edison is an open air booth which your guests stand in front of and can accommodate cute couples as well as large groups!   

The Meteor Photo Booth

The Meteor, built by The Meteor Motor Company, is also a 100 year old phonograph cabinet and still boasts the original diamond disc turntable...the gears were already broken but we have given it new life as a unique conversation piece that provides hours of selfie enjoyment for your guests! The Meteor has a softer curve appeal with handcrafted details and all the original rich mahogany. The Meteor is an open air booth which your guests will sit in front of on the provided bench.

The Serendipity

The Serendipity... each time we have built a new photo booth it becomes our favorite but this one is special! With our team of professional craftsmen the vision for this gorgeous photo booth became a reality. With each detail, from the crown molding, the custom milled dentil mold, and the dainty tapered legs, this booth model has become our client's favorite too! The Serendipity adds a touch of elegant class to the photo booth experience we all love! The Serendipity is an open air, stand up booth, which can capture even the largest bridal party!

Your event will be beautiful....shouldn't your photo booth be gorgeous as well?

Complete set of quality props provided with each package. Above is just a small taste of all the fun!!

Photos Above By:Mike Anderson

Hi Jaime,  
Wow, Wow, and Wow!          Of all the vendors we had on Saturday, hands down:  ShutterHutch was the one vendor who far exceeded our expectations. 
  We got so many compliments about the photo booth. I love your new cabinet!  Many people said, your setup was a lot better than other ones they had seen. The props were great, and the fact that it was open and people could see each other cutting up, made it even better.  
  I was in awe of Chad's attention to detail, and obvious expertise with the camera.  I appreciated his courtesy and care not to interfere with the photographer, and to work around the crowd, yet get the views he wanted.  He showed himself as a very skilled professional.  I cannot Wait to see the video! 
   Any Time you need a strong recommendation, please feel free to give your clients my contact information.
 I so appreciate the time you and Chad spend with us on Saturday.  You have helped in a big way, to make Kelly and Jason’s wedding a truly memorable occasion!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Best Regards,
                                                                                                                                                                                     Mary (Mother of the bride)