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SLOW-MO VIdeoBooth

"Slow-Motion Video Booths Are The Best New Wedding Trend" Huffington Post

It’s More Fun!

This is a great addition to our  Photo Booths which are always entertaining, however the Slo-Mo Booth takes the photo booth interactive experience to a whole other level !

The Props
Who doesn’t love foam swords, bubbles, confetti,  and champagne poppers!? All of these props would be completely irrelevant in a traditional Photo Booth. Since we are recording at such a high speed, these novelties and your everyday actions become exaggerated and just out right FUN!

The Interactivity
 People of all ages(trust us, ALL AGES) get a huge kick out of the Slo-Mo Video Booth. 
Contact us to add this one of a kind service to your EVENT today.
ITS FUNNY, no, no make that Hilarious!